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Year-Over-Year Update - September, 2019

September was an average month for Sales, 64, down from the previously two months; 76 & 84, and down from September ’18, 66 sales, and now exactly equal to the 13-month average of 64 sales. September is traditionally a busier month for sales because it’s the beginning for the “fall market”, so it’s a little disappointing to see the sales lower across the board.

Average prices, $623k, are up from September 2018, $579k, or +7.5% year over year! Average prices are also up from August ’19, $603k, and again above the 13-month average of $591k! Townhouse average sales prices, $464k, are also up from last year by +4.8%, but down from August and July ’19, and now below the 13-month average of $473k.


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